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Timba's Journal


Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
20 July
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About the Timba:

I'm 30. I have managed to have a baby and not do him any serious damage (yet), it has been pretty sweet thus far.

I am a US Navy veteran, and am currently doing the Navy Wife Thing (we met at A-school. aw.) We're up in the DC region, which is super nice as there is ACTUALLY a NAVY BASE near me! There are more than just the Army up here. (I...spent a lot of time on Army bases when I was active. I just wanted a NEX. It was rough)

For the most part, I type the way I talk. I...swear a lot. Probably more than I should what with The Monster Bebe. I am also a really really bad typist. You will miss most of that, praise Chrome's spellchecker, but it is not perfect, and thinks that "bebe" is wrong. Sometimes I ignore it for flavour. So there ya go.

People you may read about (or see, if you are here from ditl HI DiTLers!)
FIII: the hubs. He is so named because he is an "F" name. And he is the 3rd. I am clever. Not.
Baby Boudreaux (BB): (aka Monster Baby). TECHNICALLY, he is F the fourth (FIV looks like "five" and that is a mess). But, damn the kid is 6 months old, and that is a big name to hang on tiny shoulders.
Crash: My elder brother, who lives with us. (TL:DR I was pregnant, hubs was deployed, Crash came to help, and when hubs got back, they decided they liked having another dude around. Boys.)

Favorite Type Things:

FIII. He's quite fantastic.

I love pop music. I really love the boybands. I feel no shame about this. Other than my unhealthy addiction to pretty dancing boys, I enjoy country and hip-hop and general other pop. I kind of love my Sirius radio. I have been introduced to ALL KINDS OF THINGS!

I love to read. No, really. I LOVE to read. A lot of sci-fi and fantasy with a few Tawdry Romance Novels(tm) for spice. Sometimes I read mysteries and crime novels. (Nook, FTW!)

Come to think on it, that interest list can pretty much be applied to my movie choices as well. That, and war movies. ...And possibly animated films, but I'm not admitting anything in public.

I watch a lot of TV, on DVR. Also, yay Netflix! I enjoy many weird things: Doctor Who, NCIS, Buffy, and Firefly, Good Eats...and just about everything ELSE on the Food Network.

That's about all I got.

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